City Tour Nasca


Our journey starts with pick up at the hotel chosen in Ica or Nazca. Visit to the museum Maria Reiche, here we can see the environments where she lived and the work she did while she was alive, as well as her tomb. Then, we will visit a viewpoint located at the shore of the Panamericana Sur, where we observe two important figures of the Nazca lines, like the hands and tree figures. After some minutes we continue until we arrive to the main airfields to start the local flight to the enigmatic Nazca lines, where we will observe the main figures from high up like the spider, the dog, the hummingbird, the condor, the heron, the tree, and the hands, among others. In the afternoon, once we finish the tour we will return to the chosen hotel in Ica or Nazca.

Tourism in Nasca Ica

Tours: Every day of the year.

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